Chicago PPM results for December

Since this survey is an anomaly because of the Holidays (a.k.a. skewed because of Christmas music), we’ll refrain from the listing the winners and losers. But that doesn’t stop yours truly from making a few observations… Remember, this is based on overall 6+ numbers:

– WLIT (Lite FM) did gangbusters with Xmas music in December, as it finished first. The real question now is – will listeners stick around?

– Blago’s troubles were very good for WBBM-AM and WLS-AM.

– WVAZ (V103) finished a strong third, and its numbers keep growing month-to-month.

– The bleeding has stopped at WGN-AM, and is trending upward (wait until the Cubs come back…)

– A good survey for WBBM-FM (B96) as its numbers are trending up, but is still behind WKSC-FM (Kiss).

– WSCR-AM (The Score) holds a lead over WMVP-AM (ESPN 1000), but the male demos will tell the real story.

– WCFS-FM (Fresh) is up, but they also played Christmas music to try to take audience away from WLIT (pathetic.)

– Trending downard: WKQX-FM (Q101), WLUP-FM (The Loop). Not a good survey for Emmis.

– Barely showing a pulse: WPWX-FM (Power 92). Power off.

Click here to see the numbers.

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