This is catching on

The new digitial subchannel from MGM and Weigel Broadcasting titled This TV – a channel featuring movies and television shows from MGM’s library, has gotten off to a good start, and has now lined up 40+ stations across the country.

Station groups signing affiliation agreements include Fisher Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcasting, Hearst-Argyle Television, and Post-Newsweek stations. According to Wikipedia, stations cleared include KPRC-TV Houston, WDIV-TV Detroit, and WRGB-TV Albany, N.Y. Both KPRC and WDIV are replacing the soon to be shuttered Weather Plus with This TV.

Early ratings reports show the new network is drawing viewers in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Columbus, Ohio. This airs on the digital subchannels of Weigel-owned WCIU-TV, WDJT-TV, and Sinclair-owned WSYX-TV, respectively.

In Milwaukee, a 1972 horror movie titled Frogs beat a college football game on sister station WMLW-TV on a recent Saturday, and also beat programming on Sinclair’s My Network TV station, WCGV-TV.

Movies scheduled to run on This the next couple of days include China Moon, The Mighty Quinn, and The Terminator.


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    • This TV sounds like it is a fun channel to watch. I wanted to mention it’s main competitor Retro Television Network (RTN), which has been around for a while. I think they have at least 60 affilates on right now including digital subchannels in the Cedar Rapids, Madison, Green Bay and as of Monday the Des Moines and Quad Cities markets. Both networks are like what TV Land used to be before they became unfocused in an attempt to draw “younger” viewers with lame reality shows and reruns of shows that are still producing new episodes like Scrubs, CSI and Extreme Makeover. MTV Networks ruins everything they touch!

    • Don’t forget Me-TV and Me-Too here in Chicago as well – both very good, though they change their schedule a little too frequently. I’ve read numerous threads about TV Land on Radio-Info’s National TV board (there’s one circulating now, in fact), and the posters certainly have a point. TV Land recently had a reality show called “High School Reunion”, an old WB castoff, and another one which is a “Top Model” ripoff, featuring only women over the age of 35. Not exactly classic television.

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