T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

NATPE Time: It’s that time of year again – the annual programming conference is taking place next month in Las Vegas, though scaled down in size from recent years because of the economy. Here’s a list of projected programs (courtesy of TV Week) due out in syndication for 2009 and beyond. Among the list of shows offered for next fall is a second cycle of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and a return of Star Trek: The Next Generation repeats to broadcast syndication (yes!)

– Despite some reports some first-run syndicated strips may get axed because of ultra-low ratings, NBC Universal has renewed The Martha Stewart Show for a fifth season next fall covering 60 percent of the country despite averaging a rating of 0.7 in November, down from last year. So, can anyone tell me how the economic model of this show works with a rating this low? Is it the same one that somehow keeps Q101 around?

– Good news for fans of Dr. Horrible: The DVD version of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is available Dec. 19, just in time for Christmas, featuring the Rodney Dangerfield of mad scientists. The bad news: It’s not available in stores or even though an 1-800 direct marketing offer from Time-Life (get a free Hoveraround chair with each order!) It’s only available though Amazon. But it has a boatload of extra features including two commentary tracks and “A Making Of…” featurette. So order yours today and watch the mailbox…

Survivor: Gabon concluded Sunday with Bob winning the million and another $100,000, awarded by fans of the show via Sprint. While Gabon was not as good as the previous edition of Survivor, it was still entertaining and better than the glorified crap served up as Survivor: China last year. But the group of people in this edition are the most pathetic bunch of losers I have ever seen assembled on any reality show, particularly Randy and Corrinne.

Corinne became the ultimate heel after making nasty comments about a contestant’s dead father. She has the kind of crappy attitude that makes her more than qualified to become the next Governor of Illinois. And when she’s elected (because we all know how smart Illinois voters are), she’ll wind up going to jail. Works for me!