T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

– SciFi orders new Caprica: The SciFi Channel has greenlighted a new prequel for Battlestar Galactica titled Caprica. The prequel is set fifty years before Galactica‘s Cylon attack, with two rival families dealing with life on Caprica, including an emerging artifical intelligence sector on the planet.

– The Big three networks have announced their new mid-season prime-time schedules, if you care. Click here for ABC, here for NBC, and here for CBS. The big project is CBS’ new serial Harper’s Island, a serial running for thirteen weeks, if its’ lucky. Otherwise, skip the rest – especially NBC’s crappy schedule, from the mind of Ben “Bulls Ballboy” Silverman.

– William Shatner has a new program on the Bio Channel titled Shanter’s Last Nerve. Shanter has stated he’s always wanted to host a talk show. Let’s hope syndicators aren’t listening. Or we might see him on every morning at 11.

-WKRP is on the air in Cincinnati. Really. WBQC-CA, a low-powered independent station in Cincinnati has branded itself “WKRP TV”, after the TV series WKRP in Cincinnati, which ran on CBS from 1978 to 1982.

The name change does not include the station’s current call letters – they’re staying WBQC. The WKRP call letters reside with a low-powered TV station in Nashville. The branding should not be confused with WKRC-TV, the CBS (and former ABC) affiliate in Cincinnati.

WKRP of course, was a sitcom about a fictional radio station in Cincinnati. The program entered off-network syndication in September 1982, and performed very well for stations airing it. A sequel titled The New WKRP in Cincinnati debuted in first-run syndication in 1991, but was cut down two years later because of high production costs.

Currently, the original WKRP runs on WGN America’s Sunday night lineup, as well as American Life’s Monday night lineup. Ironically, WKRP isn’t running on the branded WKRP, as over-the-air broadcast rights of the show aren’t available (music rights issues, perhaps?) So no Me-TV appearences for WKRP

Syndication rights to WKRP are held by Twentieth Television, but in the past was held by MTM (who produced the show) and Jim Victory Television, who handled all of MTM’s properties in syndication back in the day (except for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Bob Newhart Show – those two were handled by Viacom.)