T Dog’s Four on the Floors – Edition 10

This week’s winners and losers:

T Dog’s Fab Four

– Obama’s campaign infomercial. Great marketing ploy to get your message out by buying time on three major broadcast networks and a few cable outlets simultaneously, as the move scored 30 million viewers across all platforms Wednesday night. But will this translate to votes?

– ‘Til Death goes on hiatus. Hopefully for good.

– Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror. All this series has to do is sneeze and it picks up a three-year renewal (though it hasn’t happened yet. But it will.) But those Treehouse of Horror specials are always a hoot to watch.

– WTXF’s big score. The Fox-owned station in Philadelphia notched one of the highest ratings in the station’s history (besides the Eagles-Patriots matchup in Super Bowl XXIX) with a ratings peak of a 54.5 household rating and a 73 share when the Phillies clinched the World Series win, which they won for the first time since 1980. But that’s the only good news the Series has scored (see below.)

T Dog’s Flopulous Four:

– The 2008 World Series. Commenter “c.r.” called this one. Suspended games, bad weather, deplorable conditions, and an unappealing matchup. Mix all of this together, and you have the lowest World Series ever. And guess what? Next year, Game 7 of the fall classic could be played on November 7. Swell. If they play the game in a northern city, have the snow plows on standby.

– Disrespecting Philly. All right, we know Philly fans are about as lovable as Dennis Franz, but all the crap from the New York and Los Angeles based-media outlets regarding Philadelphia is uncalled for. From Michael Wilbon of PTI (and being from the Midwest, he should know better) to TV Week dismissing Philadelphia as a “small market”, it’s more proof the press’ obvious bias against anything not from the three largest markets, Boston, and D.C. But the city that gave us American Bandstand, Cheesesteaks, and Rocky has a championship for the first time in 28 years. So check your feelings at the door, and show Philly some damn respect! (But only for the next month or so…)

Deal or No Deal (network version). Around the same time the Phillies clinched the World Series championship Wednesday, a woman named Tomorrow (yes, Tomorrow – presumably without Tom Snyder) won a million dollars. And nobody watched. Guess in this faltering economy, a million doesn’t go as far as it used to.

– William Shatner. Let me start off by saying this: You are a great actor and made great contributions to the medium of television, especially in your roles on Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, and as host of Rescue 911. But your whining about not being invited to your former Trek co-star’s wedding (George Takei) is absolutely pathetic. Who do you think you are, Terell Owens? You’re 78 years old. Grow up.

In the words of Boers and Bernstein, William Shanter, “Who Ya Crappin?”