"Help us CNN. You’re our only hope."

On Tuesday night, CNN introduced a new way of interviewing people, via “hologram”. Yes, hologram.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with both Jessica Yellin and Anderson Cooper spoke with Will I Am from The Black-Eyed Peas using the technology which looked something out of Star Wars:

Here’s how it was created: Yellin was shot in a tent filled with green screens in Chicago using 35 high-def cameras, or so. A screen with Blitzer and Yellin was constructed, a bunch of computers created Yellin’s image and made it ready for the camera with infrared technology – and volia! You see an image of Yellin at CNN election headquarters, but she’s not really there.

Yes, it’s like Princess Lela speaking with Luke Skywalker.

And the tent was meant from the crowd from taking over the shot in Chicago (or in sci-fi speak, the “stormtroopers”) so that’s another reason why they put her in the specially constructed tent.

No word on how much the holographic fun cost CNN, but it’s believed to be quite expensive – in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You think Blitzer will end up with the bill?

Use the force, Wolf Blitzer. Use the force.

No word on when the “hologram” will be used again, but I hear it might be used later this year in The CNN Clone Wars Christmas Special.