T Dog’s Four on the Floors – Edition 9

One more on the floor! I’ve decided to add an extra item to both the Fab Floor and the Flop Floor this week, so instead of Four on the Floor – it’s Five. And when was the last time you saw both Family Guy and South Park on the same floor?

T Dog’s Fab Four (make that Five)

Lindsey Lohan cut from Ugly Betty. It looks like there was more than Lohan’s and America Ferrera’s alter egos from Ugly Betty getting into it. Lohan and Ferrera were at each other’s throats outside their roles as well. As a result, Lohan’s stint was cut from six episodes to four. Look, if Lohan didn’t like it there, she should’ve have guest-starred on Heroes instead. Medicore actress fit for a mediocre show – sounds good to me.

Gary Unmarried. The program continues to grow in the ratings on Wednesday night for CBS. Here’s an idea – why doesn’t CBS move Gary to Mondays after Two and a Half Men and move Worst Week to Wednesdays? (Believe it or not, CBS is trying Gary out on Mondays for one week.)

Deal or No Deal (Syndicated). The program recently hit another season-high – 1.7. But time will tell if this will rank with Wheel and Jeopardy – or even Ellen as syndication hits.

Family Guy. After what a certain political party tried to do to three Northwest Indiana cities over the last several weeks regarding early voting, the joke where “that button” showed up was so dead-on.

South Park. Another winner. And a multi-story arc to boot. Can’t wait until next week! Viva Craig!

T Dog’s Flop Four (make that Five)

TV Week. This article on Wednesday night’s ratings. Philadelphia is a small market? (It’s the fourth largest TV market in the country, with more than two million people.)

World Series whiners. Okay, this World Series between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay won’t be the highest-rated ever, with ad exces wanting a Red Sox-Dodgers series. But if the ad community really knew what’s best for television, then they wouldn’t have wasted millions in ad spending at the upfronts last spring on a whole bunch of lousy prime-time programs this season.

Heroes (again.) Here’s another critic jumping off this train wreck of a show as St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Gail Pennington takes Heroes to tack, as the formerly cool show hit another ratings low this week. Earlier, Tribune critic Maureen Ryan threw in the towel. Heroes is now nothing more than a lousy run-of-the-mill Saturday morning cartoon.

NBC renews Knight Rider for a full season. And this is one of those lousy prime-time shows I’m talking about. This era of NBC programming is making past blunders such as Pink Lady and Jeff, Supertrain, and Hello, Larry look like major successes. They’re partying like it’s 1980 over there at NBC.

The return of the radio zombies. Just in time for Halloween, those wonderful bedrocks of quality – Mancow and Delilah – are returning to the Chicago media scene on Monday. My fear is Jay Mariotti may not be far behind.