Sirius-XM slashes jobs

Or its more like slashing XM jobs: reportedly eighty people have been laid off since Tuesday, though the cuts were discovered Monday by an employee routinely logging in to a payroll system. Oops…

The names axed are too long to list here, but among the fired include ’70’s on 7 PD John Clay, Kandy Klutch (midday personality on ’80’s on 8.) and Matt the Cat (from ’50s on 5.), and almost all the staffers from XM black music-oriented channels.

And there are rumors some channels – mainly from the XM side – may cease operating by Nov. 5, the day after the elections. And DCRTV (a Washington D.C. area media site) reports the recent economic crisis have forced Sirius-XM to abandon its plan to create two separate lineups for each service.

Could we be seeing the end of XM? Stay tuned.