Emmis cuts positions in Chicago

The economic downturn has affected every corner of our economy, and the radio industry is no exception. Layoffs were prevalent today at Emmis’ classic rocker WLUP-FM (The Loop) and WKQX-FM (Q101). A total of five individuals were laid off.

The causality list: WLUP Program Director Bill Klaproth; Imaging Director Kevyn Howrd; Marketing Director Tommy King; Sales Assistant Carly Keenan; and Webmaster Jessie Goodman.

Replacing Klaproth as PD at WLUP is afternoon jock Eddie Webb, and two others were promoted to promotions – Jeannine Moose and Jimi Hendrix (no, not that Jimi Hendrix…)


15 thoughts on “Emmis cuts positions in Chicago

    • Karma is a biotch and finally got what he deserved!!!!! HAHAHA, let’s celebrate!

    • Hip hip hooray! Tommy(ass kissing) King was FINALLY Laid off! Best move that station was made in years!!!!

    • Tommy I hope you read this you fkn DOOOSHBAG—- Time is of the essence. The planets and stars have alligned. You got fired just as you did to others you fuckin HOMO.

      Fuck you and the horse you rode in on .. (oh wait its probably plowing you or one of your stupid whores” that accompany you).


    • Tommy the male pig King got fired! Finally, they prob caught him trying to fuck a female/or male intern and let that Cocksucker go! I intered for him at Queer101 and he tried hitting on me all the time, P.S. He has a small dick so for all the women in Chicago that get hit on my this douchebag, enjoy that lil stub of his! Good luck finding a job in chicago Tommy, but then again, we all know how much dick you smoke to move up in this world you worthless piece of shhhhhit!



      Marv Nyren – What a smart smart man. Its about fuckin time Marv.

      Cant tell you how many people in the industry Ive worked with that had soooo much to say about Tommy.

      NOTHING POSITIVE. Never a good sign for a department head. Must’ve gotten there by all the HEAD he gave around the company.

      Have fun on Belmont/Halsted now with your retard swagger. Always walked around like he had a cock in his ass. Now he does FULL TIME

    • Thomas Queen got laid off, wow my week was shitty but now I see Christmas has come early! Good work Emmis, you let go of a guy who NEVER deserved to be there in the first place!

    • Wow. Either a lot of people really didn’t like this Tommy guy or it’s the same person posting over and over again!

    • … and I didn’t realize it until you pointed it out, Greta! Though I usually have a policy against profane comments being posted on here, I said what the heck, I’ll leave them up (though I wished the guy took that energy and leashed it out against “Heroes” instead…)

      Seriously, it isn’t cool when someone loses their job. Not these days.

    • I agree with the last 2 comments, but i also agree with the first few. I work for a record label and I’ve dealt with this guy(Tommy), he si a bastard. The guy treated his employees like shit along with everyone else. he has an ego problem and it was smart for the station to part ways with him. It is unfortunate that he lost his job and all, but it only makes Q101 that much better. Karma is a bitch Tommy king and you just got served! Good luck finding another job where you can step on people the way you did for all of those years… Why don’t you try getting a hold of all the people you wrongfully fired to get you a job… Good Luck!

    • During the current economic crisis it is definately a serious situation to lose a job. Concurred.

      But I have dealt with this person (tommy king) on a business level in the past. I have also worked with people that depended on this person to give them work (photographers, media reps, label a.e’s) and he’s screwed each over with his “im the king” mentality. He had always begged to get things he wanted, but when it came to give answers or assist someone that is in need of credentials for station shows he would lead them around like puppies and then never respond back with a concrete answer. Its bogus. Definately NOT-Professional.

      There’s been alot of negative feedback left on this board but you are doing a good job in leaving it up. The truth needs to be told. To be honest with you – after working with this person and having mutual friends/co-workers in the industry that have dealt with him —- These are all true facts. He was a scumbag (as many are in the industry). But this guy took the cake. Ive never experienced such pure hatred as that which had come from his co-workers.

      I feel bad for anyone thats worked under him. I have worked with his replacements as well. They are the epitome of what that team needs and will respect. how can a station progress when the employees dont “respect” their boss.

      All comments should be left on this board. The truth hurts — karma’s a bitch. He should have thought twice before hurting others in his conquests.

      “What goes around comes back around” — aint that the truth!

    • Wow, these are some serious comments! This guy must have pissed off alot of people to get this kind of feedback!

    • I agree with everything.

      It sucks to lose a job, but now everyone else at that station can breathe again. It’s good news to all of us people who were treated like total crap by him.

      I definitely believe he took a class on “making your co-workers feel like idiots” and “how to be an egotistical bastard”.

      I think the marketing and promotions department will be a LOT happier since he is gone, and might actually develop a marketing plan that will succeed.

      Good luck in the future Q, and congratulations for eliminating a position that was never needed in the first place.

    • This is just my experience – Tommy King is a pretty nice guy outside of business. Inside the biz, he is an over-rated, under-talented, jag bag. He belittles his colleagues and co-workers, humiliates his subordinates, and is viewed as a necessary evil by the music world. “Gotta deal with him now, but man…I can’t wait till he’s gone.”

      Years ago, I overheard a colleague in the music/concert biz say “If we were running away from a bear, Tommy King would trip me to save his own ass.” Sorta sums it all up, doesn’t it?

    • “Mr. King, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      -Typical response to a Tommy King “idea” by your typical Emmis employee. Arrogance without competence is a damn nuisance.

    • I love it! I used to work for that poser and I agree with everything you just said!

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