Who’s in your four, Edition 6

This is retroactive to last week (I’ll post this week’s edition on Friday), so here it goes:

T Dog’s Fabulous Four

The Insider cans Pat O’Brien. He was fired after sending e-mails to staffers at the show and Entertainment Tonight, criticizing the programs. O’ Brien, who was demoted to special correspondent for this season after a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse, was in Iowa and met fans who were more worried about the high prices of food and gas, and ripped Insider host Lara Spencer for “pick(ing) out accessories that makes the viewers want to vomit.”

While all of that is true, he rips the business he steadily took a paycheck from for the last eleven years. What a hypocrite. Maybe he should send all the money he earned hosting those entertainment-based shows over the years back.

Of course, his e-mails also got him in hot water at Access: Hollywood, where he ripped correspondent Shauna Robinson in an e-mail. A tip for Pat: lay off the e-mails.

– The Chicago Tribune and Jay Mariotti DO NOT come to a deal. Let me get this straight… Mariotti left the Sun-Times because “newspapers were sinking”, but was in negotiations with the Trib? More proof Mariotti is a fraud and a liar. And shame on Deadspin for passing this off nearly as fact. Yeah, the Internet fits very well for Mr. Scumbag.

– Fox’s Tuesday Night. Fox now has a powerhouse on Tuesday nights when American Idol isn’t on. Last week, Fringe held on to its viewers from its premiere, thanks in art to its lead-in, the newly relocated House. But what happens when Idol returns in January? One of those shows moves to Wednesdays to pair up with Bones. Bye-bye, Til Death and Do Not Disturb.

– Carlos Zambrano. His no-hitter on September 14 brought the Cubs a ratings winner for WGN-TV and the first no-hitter for a Cub since Milt Pappas did it in ’72.

T Dog’s Flopulous Four

– McCain’s campaign reaction to the Palin’s SNL skit. The opening sketch ran on the Sept. 13 edition of Saturday Night Live, and they slammed it as sexist. More proof that some Repubs have no sense of humor.

– Letterman wants to stay past 2010. And after late-night rival Jay Leno exits next year (by force.) The problem is, Letterman stopped being funny 12 years ago.

– The Boston Globe. For publishing this inane article from a “columnist” on why more people weren’t outraged over the oral sex scene in the 90210 premiere. Maybe because we’re more concerned about the high price of food and gas, as well as the crisis on Wall Street. Idiot.

– Who’s F*****’ Who. Sarah Silverman’s and Matt Damon’s very overrated Internet video card to Silverman’s then-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel won an Emmy at the Creative Arts portion of the award show (which took place Sept. 13.) What’s next, an Emmy for “Jackass”?

Remember, look for “Who’s in your four” again on Friday, and yes, the Primetime Emmys are going to be mentioned…