Who’s in your four, Edition 4 (plus a tribute to Bill Melendez)

This is in my four for edition four of Who’s in Your Four this week. Fore!

90210. Scored the highest ratings in the history of the two-year old network.

– Raising the Bar, indeed. Now Turner’s cable networks can actually air a promo with a claim that’s actually true: Despite lukewarm reviews, TNT’s new legal drama Raising the Bar drew a record rating for a cable drama: 7.7 million viewers for the debut Monday night. And that’s more than what 90210 earned in total viewers.

– Oprah brings home the Gold. For her 23rd season premiere, Ms. Winfrey brought 150 Gold medalists (including Michael Phelps) to Millennium Park here in Chicago for a special show honoring their achievements in the recent Summer Olympics. Look for it on Monday.

– Sarah Pavin’s speech. The Vice-Presidental nominee running with McCain drew 38 million viewers Wednesday night for her speech across the networks carrying it. As for the speech… missed it (yours truly was asleep – long day at the gig…)

Who’s NOT in my four:

– Oprah Winfrey disses Palin. Yes, she can appear on both lists at once: Days after taping the Olympics, Ms. Winfrey makes a lot of people mad by refusing to let Sarah Palin be on her show – then denying it, saying she didn’t want her program to be a political platform (didn’t stop her from endorsing Obama.) Remember the days when Jerry Springer was our town’s only controversial talk show host?

– Chicago Media Action. The activist group is trying again (for the third time) to have Chicago’s and Milwaukee’s station licenses over their “non-coverage” of the 2004 elections. And they’ll fail for the third time. In the words of the obscure band Default, they’re “wasting my time…”

– Cartoon Network announces premiere date for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. For anyone who still cares, it’s October 3rd.

– America’s Next Top Model. New season, same old problems. It’s not a good sign when you are beaten in the ratings by Univision.

In Memoriam: Bill Melendez

Sad to say, but another death has occured in the entertainment world: this time its “Peanuts” animator Bill Melendez, who passed this week at the age of 91. He directed almost all Peanuts specials and feature films and provided the voice of Snoopy. Melendez also worked for Disney, Warner Bros. Animation, and UPA.

“Peanuts” specials were a big part of my childhood and I appreciated his work very much. He will be greatly missed.