Stebics hit WBBM-TV with lawsuit

As what Amy Jacobson did a few weeks ago, the Stebic family has now followed “suit” with a suit of their own.

Craig Stebic and his family filed suit against CBS and its owned TV station here (WBBM-TV) and a couple of principals involved, including GM Joe Ahern and news director Carol Fowler. Also named in the suit was anchor Rob Johnson and reporter Alita Guillen.

Stebic’s sister Jill (Webb) and her husband Robert filed suit in Cook County suit against the broadcaster for $40,000, charging the station has presented their relationship with former WMAQ-TV reporter Amy Jacobson was “false, malicious, and illegal” and also claimed the fiasco has suffered “severe emotional distress”. The video created an impression that Jacobson and her children were attending a “pool party” at the Stebic house.

As you recall, on July 6, 2007, Jacobson appeared at the Stebic house to interview Craig Stebic about his missing wife, Lisa, which many suspect he had a hand in. Jacobson appeared at the Stebic house in a bikini – which was secretly videotaped by a neighbor and handed over to WBBM-TV, which aired the footage. Jacobson was subsequently fired from WMAQ.

So they’re suing The Church of Tisch for only $40,000? That amount won’t even cover their house payment. But it more than covers minister Ahern’s marble showers and expensive lunches. If CBS is liable, look for The Church of Tisch to ask their congregation for another “mandatory donation”.

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