Spike O’Dell exits WGN-AM

It was speculated in July, it’s now official: Spike O’Dell is leaving WGN-AM morning drive effective at the end of the year. No word on a replacement, but there is speculation WGN may hire two people to replace Spike O’Dell next January.

Like his predecessors (Wally Phillips and Bob Collins), Spike O’Dell’s has owned WGN’s morning slot in Chicago, finishing first in every book.


4 thoughts on “Spike O’Dell exits WGN-AM

    • PLEASE, WGN, don’t replace Spike O’Dell with Nick DiGilio!

    • Good luck Spike, WGN please replace him with a HAPPY VOICE so far those who fill in do not have it, we don’t need somber down at any time. Carol

    • WGN – I can promise you, that if it’s Steve Cochran – you’ll lose a morning listener! But I guess if you do, I can listen on the way home from work again!

    • I would LOVE to hear Nick DiGilio in the morning, he is always funny and upbeat and entertaining!! His movie and tv reviews and observations of life in Chicago are smart and I think he relates to a wide audience. I would miss him at night on the weekends, but would become a morning person again!! Don’t count him out, he is one of the best hosts on the radio in Chicago. Ped

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