Smiley’s successor found

No, this isn’t a replay of Saturday’s post regarding Roland Martin, but the Tom Joyner Morning Show has found its successor to departed commentator Tavis Smiley. Make that two successors.

Because of fan voting that left the contest between Jeff Johnson and Stephanie Robinson practically tied, TJMS has decided to bring both on as commentators.

This comes after Friday’s announcement of Roland Martin of WVON-AM being tapped to provide commentaries for the show.

Even though TJMS held a contest to replace Tavis Smiley (who left the program last spring after listeners complained about his harsh criticism of Barack Obama), Martin essentially replaces Smiley in this role because his name recognition is on the same level as Smiley’s, since he appears reguarly on CNN and has contributed to Essence magazine and is also an commentator at TV One.

As for the contest winners, Stephanie Robinson is a Harvard lecturer on law and founded is the founder of The Jamestown Project, a Washington, D.C. think tank, while Jeff Johnson hosts a talk show on BET titled The Truth with Jeff Johnson and is an award-winning journalist and social activst, also from Washington.

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