More on Feder’s departure

– In today’s column, Feder posts the letters reacting to his departure. Among those paying their tributes include Jay Marvin, former Chicago newsman Jim Ruddle, Sun-Times and Electronic Media (now TV Week) alumnus P.J. Bednarski, and former WBBM-FM radio personality Terry Foxx.

– Larz has a very thoughtful tribute to Feder on his Chicagoland Radio and Media blog. A very good read- check it out.

– Carol Marin also pays tribute to Feder in the Sun-Times today. It’s a very intersting article as she notes about how Feder replaced Gary Deeb (another one of my influnces) on the media beat at the Sun-Times. Deeb (or “dweeb” as some would call him) went on to do commentaries and media reports for WLS-TV in the mid-1980’s.