Who’s in your four, Edition III

The week that was:

T Dog’s Fab Four

– Jay Mariotti leaves the Sun-Times. Yes! Oh God, Yes!

-Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech. Drew just as many viewers as the opening ceremonies of the recent Summer Olympics.

– The U.S. men’s and women’s basketball team. The ladies brought home the Gold and the Redeem Team did likewise. Way to go!

– ABC’s retro Life on Mars promo. Makes yours truly want to check out the show… and he will. Great marketing job by ABC.

T Dog’s Flop Four

– The PTC. Trying to protect children from 90210. Oh, the horror!

– American Idol adds fourth judge. Isn’t three grating personalities enough?

– NBC. Thanks NBC for revealing that someone won $1 million on Monday’s upcoming Deal or No Deal. How anti-climatic. What ever happened to the element of surprise? What’s the point of even watching? When all you’re concerned about is building up ratings… Thanks a lot, Ben “Bulls Ballboy” Silverman.

– Pre-season football. Judging by the ratings, no one is interested in “The NFL rip-off extravaganza”, otherwise known as pre-season football. Except in Chicago, where the Bears are the new Cubs. And I don’t mean this year’s Cubs.


WGN preempts the premiere of 90210 for Cubs game. WGN is sticking with the Astros-Cubs game on Tuesday night, given the historic pace the latter team is on, while pushing the premiere of 90210 to 10:30 pm – or later. I can hear teenage girls whining all over Chicagoland… Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! Oops, wrong show…