The rat speaks

My Think Tank on Mariotti is coming sometime this week (tougher to write than I thought), but in the meantime, let’s analyze what the backstabbing sellout had to say Friday in Phil Rosenthal’s column in the Trib:

– Referring to the Sun-Times’ reaction of Mariotti leaving, Gerald Minkkinen of the Chicago Newspaer Guild union said: “I looked at the newspaper this morning and went, ‘What the hell?’ It was the most ludicrous thing I have seen in my life.”

Thank goodness this Minkkinen guy wasn’t head of the Writer’s Guild, or they would have been on strike for 300 days instead of 100.

– Mariotti responded: “You’ve been selling me out there for years and promoting me, then you turn on me and you expect people to buy it? It’s crazy. It looked amateurish… This is something the White Sox would do.”

No, what’s amateurish were your columns you’ve written over the last 17 years. You’ve made a mockery of a profession I love to do. You are no writer. A sixth-grade term paper has more credibilty than your columns.

Responding to Ebert’s letter, he said the paper was “pulling out all the stops, obviously.” His respect for Ebert notwithstanding, Mariotti said his output over the years should be proof of his loyalty.

Um, what loyalty? All Mariotti did was use the Sun-Times’ space to attack people and organizations he didn’t like, whether there was just cause or not. And Mariotti has the nerve to talk about loyalty. If he was so loyal, why did he sneak out of the Sun-Times like the Colts did from Baltimore 25 years ago?

… “I could go to work in Australia. I could go to work down the street. It’s a wacky world. Anything is possible.”

Then I have the perfect job for you. How about joining The Parents Television Council? Like you, they lie, attack individuals and organizations for no reason, and they are just as arrogrant and self-serving as you are. Jay Mariotti, Tim Winter, Brent Bozell, and Dan Isett – The Moronic Dream Team.

And if you can’t get work there, KFC is always hiring…

-… “noting there was ‘no shut-up clause’ along with the out in his contract.”

Yeah Mariotti, you should shut the fuck up. Save it for what Sun-Times baseball writer Chris DeLuca calls “an ESPN game show”. And I’m certain if Chicago viewers want to watch a windbag who’s full of himself, they can watch Dr. Phil every day at 4.