T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

Another installment of T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag:

– Fox has decided to replace Moment of Truth on Thursday nights this fall with Hole in the Wall, a Japanese-like game show which debuts on Sept. 11. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like a similar show ABC aired this summer.

For the record, the last time Fox aired something close to this was Family Double Dare, a prime-time version of the Nickelodeon and first-run syndicated kids’ game show in 1988.

– It’s official: SciFi has ordered a Battlestar Galactica prequel movie, which airs next year, shortly after the conclusion of the series. The movie will be available subsequently available on DVD.

– NBC has hit the $1 billion mark in Olympic ad sales. The torch is lit as of today.

– The WB.com goes online on August 27, with Johnson & Johnson signing on as sponsor, with Comcast adding classic WB network shows on its on-demand video service.

– Christopher Knight has signed on as host of Debmar-Mercury’s new syndicated Trivial Pursuit: America’s Plays game show strip. The game show debuts on Sept.22 and is airing locally over WPWR-TV. Knight played Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch, but you knew that already, didn’t you?