Ebert to Mariotti: You’re a backstabbing sellout

More and more individuals from the Sun-Times are speaking their mind on Jay Mariotti’s sudden departure from the paper – and here’s the most notable of them all – Roger Ebert’s letter to Jay Mariotti – in which he calls Mariotti a rat – totally a great read. Also, baseball writer Chris De Luca weighs in on Mariotti’s departure.

And you have former Sun-Times writers weighing in, too: Phil Rosenthal, who now writes a media column for the Tribune, roomed with Mariotti while covering the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Somehow, Mariotti found time to blast Bulls management – never mind the fact that they were between NBA championships.

In other words, he was writing as if they were the Denver Nuggets, who went 11-71 in 1997-98. The Bulls finished 62-20, tied with past and future Finals opponent Utah for best record in the NBA.

Yours truly will weigh in with his thoughts in an upcoming Think Tank this weekend. And if you’ve read this blog the last two years, then you already know what I’m going to say… but it’s worth repeating – and writing.