The TCA Post-Game show : Critics’ roundtable

Before TCA began, Broadcasting & Cable held a critics’ roundtable on what would they do if they ran the networks. Critics who participated included the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan and the Kansas City Star’s (and TV Barn’s) Aaron Barnhart.

Among the observations:

– ABC needs more comedies closer to Roseanne and Home Improvement, and not According to Jim and The George Lopez Show.

– The Ben Silverman legacy at NBC has basically been non-existent (spending too much time retriving Ben Gordon’s basketballs at Bulls practice, perhaps?)

– If you want sex and violence, CBS is the place to be!

– Fox needs to stop depending on American Idol to bail them out every January and develop some hit shows that aren’t animated.

– Man, this is almost too easy: There’s more to life than rich, spolied teenagers and young adults, CW. And where’s the diversity?

Click here to read the roundtable and watch video clips.