TCA: NBC, Part 2

More from NBC on the press tour junket:

Saturday Night Live was the first of 2,783 panels involving NBC at the tour. Creator Lorne Michaels talks about the upcoming election, Amy Poehler, Jay Leno (he’s leaving that alone), and “Laser Cats” (whatever that is.)

– NBC had a sophomore panel of shows featuring Chuck, Life, and Lipstick Jungle. They riff on everything from shooting in New York to tasty tidbits about Chuck’s love life. Yum! Also a shower fight for Chuck is planned. Shower fight!

Friday Night Lights is planning a “post-game show” after its airings on Direct TV this fall, which is basically a Q&A session from cast members, taking calls from viewers. Cool idea. Friday Night Lights airs on Direct TV’s 101 Network this fall, and on NBC later in the season.

– There was an executive session for NBC featuring co-chairmen Marc Graboff and Ben “Bulls Ballboy” Silverman. Read about it here.

– Speaking of the Bulls Ballboy, Silverman admits that if he had to program things differently, he wouldn’t have the Lakers and Celtics face off in the NBA Finals, but have the Memphis Grizzles and Vancouver face off instead (I think he means Seattle vs. Vancouver… or Kansas City vs. San Diego.)

How about a final featuring the Chicago Bulls? We would actually get to see Silverman in action in his second job, wiping off basketballs and being Derrick Rose’s personal lackey.

– One of the Bulls Ballboy’s pet projects, the revival of Knight Rider, is getting some tweaks – including a new executive producer, changes to the Iraq storyline, Val Kilmer replacing Will Arnett as the voice of KITT, and the introduction of the “KITT Cave” (I thought this was a revival of Knight Rider, not Batman.)

I guess the demand of that rabid, dedicated, and loyal Knight Rider fan base led this show to return. It was the all the talk at the Knight Rider fan conventions. LOL. Let’s face it, even the 90210 revival has a better chance of succeeding than this lemon.

– Ian McShane talks about his new show Kings, and had testy exchanges with critics, obviously taking from the playbook of Karl Rove and Dawn Ostroff. The former Deadwood star talked about – um, I guess he was too busy feeding his ego against the critics to talk about his show.

Part 3 will be posted later, featuring MSNBC, NBC Sports, and the Olympics.