Illinois’ other Arbitron books released

Here are the Arbitron rating books for other markets in Illinois, plus South Bend-Elkhart.

Quad Cities – Clear Channel’s country outlet (WLLR-FM) dominated the market, with a share that doubles its’ nearest competitor.

Peoria – Will AC plays in Peoria? You bet, as Triad’s WSWT-FM finished a dominant first.

Rockford – A CHR outlet finished first here, with Cumulus’ WZOK-FM taking the top prize. WGN finished fifth. Biggest losers: Maverick Media’s AC station WGFB-FM and Cumulus’ oldies stick WKGL-FM.

Champaign – Only twelve stations in this book (with four of them Chicago-area stations) – and its News/Talk WDWS-AM that rules this college town.

Bloomington – Regent rules the top three with country outlet WBWN-FM leading the way. WGN-AM and WLS-AM finished seventh and eighth, respectively.

LaSalle-Peru – In this area just southwest of Chicago, country music rules with WALS-FM at the top, but Chicago’s WGN finished a strong second, not to mention other Chicago stations showed up in the book as well.

Decatur – NextMedia (which owns some suburban sticks in the Chicago area) holds the top three spots in Decatur, with News/Talk WSOY-AM finishing first.

South Bend– In a close race, Federated Media country outlet (WBYT-FM) squeaked out a win over Schurz’s Communications WNSN-FM, an AC-formatted station. Waiting for the axe to swing: Competitor WWLV-AM finished dead last, even behind Chicago’s WGN and WMVP-AM.