FCC rejects complaints from Chicago, Milwaukee groups. Again.

Stop me if you’ve seen this headline before…

But for a second time in thirteen months, the FCC has rejected complaints from Chicago Media Action regarding local and state election coverage from 2004. The complaint named every commercial station in Chicago.

The FCC also rejected complaints from a related Milwaukee activist group regarding their stations.

Chicago Media Action fired back in a press release.

Thought: The Chicago Media Action’s execution is completely flawed. What were they to gain from this? They would’ve filed a complaint against the stations anyway, even if they met the requirements, or so they say. Even Rin Tin Tin knew this action didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. Maybe they forgot there was a Chicago mayoral race last year, and I didn’t see them rushing to the FCC regarding coverage (or lack thereof.) To them, “local” doesn’t pertain to Chicago proper but to Wilmette and Arlington Heights and their mayoral races.

And so, the CMA will file another complaint with the FCC for this year’s election regarding the same issues. And they will get rejected again. Whining to a government agency we know isn’t going to do anything is a complete waste of time. People (especially under 40) get their news in so many ways now – particularly through the Internet, cell phones, and other means. This self-serving “petition” – like this group – and local broadcasting in general – is laughable.

And by the way, why the market’s three Spanish-language and two public broadcasting and religious stations weren’t on their “list”?