Comic-Con, Day 3: "Lost" and "Heroes" takes center stage

Media news-related items from the third day of Comic-Con:

Time to get Lost with some Heroes

Two of television’s most discussed shows on the Internet took center change at Comic-Con today:

Lost had a panel in front of thousands of people today, and while few surprises were revealed – there was an appearance by cast Matthew Fox, which sent the crowd into a tizzy. Among the things revealed for the show’s upcoming season (due early next year) is less reliance on cutaways and flashbacks (maybe), and a faster series progression than they’ve seen in previous seasons.

You wonder how many in the crowd actually took the Dharma Initiative (which basically meant you pledge to act all loopy and a free spirit like Jenna Elfman…) Yours truly plans to take the Greg Initiative instead.

G4 strips Lost this fall and is also appearing in weekend broadcast syndication.

– The other TV series wild with web users screened where the long-awaited third season premiere was screened. Derailed by the writer’s strike last year, Heroes hasn’t aired a first-run episode since December and the approximately 6,500 fans in attendance were more than ready to gobble up new material.

Creator Tim Kring said the strike actually helped the series – a lot of fans (including yours truly) were disappointed with last season, which featured disjointed storylines, new, unappealing characters introduced out of nowhere (I’m looking at you, Kristen Bell), and the inconsistent play of Rex Grossman (see, there I go again…)

To read more (spoiler alert), click here.

Other TV related news at the Con:

Simpsons, Futurama: Matt Groening is a fixture at Comic-Con for thirty years, since the days he was selling his comic strip Life In Hell. Now, he here’s helming panels on two of his TV shows. Groening really revealed nothing new regarding The Simpsons upcoming season, since he did that already at TCA. On Futurama, questions were asked the Fry-Leela relationship, and what the palns are for the show. Also revealed were the idenites of who would doing guest appearences in upcoming DVDs: Rich Little and Snoop Dogg.

Stargate: Not much information coming out of the panel for Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis, but you can check out the panels here and here (a direct-to-DVD movie titled Stargate Contimuum comes out Tuesday.)

Dr. Horrible: Yes, even a sing-along blog can have a panel at Comic-Con – especially if it’s a blog created by Joss Whedon. This panel actually took place yesterday, where Whedon (along with cast members) fielded questions about the show. Whedon talked about his other projects, including his Serenity comcis franchise.

Battlestar Galactica: And of course, Comic-Con 2008 isn’t complete with a Battlestar Galactica panel. According to the show’s producers, if the writers’ strike continued, the season-finale you saw this year could have been the series finale. The good news for Battlestar fans is, it did end, and they’re getting ten new episodes, which begin airing early next year. Click here for more.