Comic-Con, Day 1

All right, fanboys and fangirls, Comic-Con from San Diego is here! And it’s not just for comic book fans anymore… There’s a lot of television-related stuff here as well! A lot of news at Comic-Con for its first day (covered the T Dog Media Blog way – sarcastically), so let’s get to it…

– Name change for Wizard’s First Rule: The upcoming syndicated sci-fi/action series from Disney-ABC Television Distribution has been changed to Legend of the Seeker. The program premieres Nov.1 locally over WGN-TV.

– A panel for NBC’s upcoming Knight Rider took place, and fans of the original grilled the producer about whether or not any features from the original KITT will be in the new model for the new series. Wait a minute, there were fans of the original?

– BBC America announced they will carry the third season of Torchwood.

– A panel on the new movie Twilight (sans the Zone).

– Stan Lee and Disney are launching Time Jumper, a digital comic book that will play out on multiple platforms. It’s about a cell phone that enables going back in history. Maybe it can send Disney back in time so they couldn’t tinker with At the Movies.

– There was a panel on HBO’s new un-Moonlight like True Blood, which is based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire novels. The program was discussed at great length by Ms. Harris and Alan Ball, who created the series after he was hooked on one of Ms. Harris’ novels. Should be some good watchin’. The premise is creepy (sex with vampires?) but still…

More coming tomorrow…