Chicago PPM secrets revealed

In addition to the last-ever diary book released in Chicago yesterday, Arbitron’s pre-currency Portable People Meter results were also released, and according to Tom Taylor of Radio-Info and Dave Martin’s blog, they show the following:

– WGN continued to rank first among 12+, followed by WDRV-FM (The Drive), WBBM-AM, Ht AC outlet WTMX-FM, and Country station WUSN-FM.

– Ranking from sixth to tenth as follows in 12+: WLS-FM, WVAZ-FM (V103), WLS-AM, WLIT-FM (The Lite), WLEY-FM, WOJO-FM (both tied for tenth.)

– WGCI-FM, which finished second in the diary, finished twelfth in the PPMs in 12+.

– Bonneville’s radio stations (WDRV and WTMX) finished first and second respectively, among adults 25-54.

Much like when Nielsen’s Local People Meters came to town in 2005 and still showed WLS-TV at the top of the ratings heap, Arbitron’s PPM systems shows likewise for WGN-AM. It looks like both stations’ run at the top in their respective fields will outlive all of us.