Dancing With A Controversy

The folks at WGN-TV’s morning show are dancing mad – at rival WMAQ-TV for ripping off a segment of their program.

For years, WGN has had a Friday Dance on its news show on – Fridays. Well, WMAQ recently started a new segment on its Friday morning newscasts. All you have to do is switch the words around of WGN’s segments and volia! You have Dance Friday.

WGN’s Steve Lightning (and no, I’m not making that name up – although the personality seems to be) investigated the story on Thursday, and came up with this:

“What do you think of a news organization that would STEAL from another news organization?” “See that Peacock? It should be a snake! It should be a weasel!”

No word whether or not WGN plans to kidnap Ellen DeGeneres in retaliation.

UPDATE: Here’s a video clip… and believe it or not, it features a surprise cameo appearance…

updated at 12:56 p.m.


1 thought on “Dancing With A Controversy

    • I wonder how an NBC employee who works on “Today” would react to CBS’ new “Early Show” logo revealed this week? Maybe like this:

      “See that black eye? Why it’s obviously blind to ripping off the peacock!”

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