WYSP fires DJ over racist parody song

Rock outlet WYSP-FM in Philadelphia fired on-air morning personality Kidd Chris after an in-studio guest performed a racist parody song on March 21. The song also was played throughout the day and again three days later, and posted all over the Internet, including YouTube and MySpace. Kidd Chris lasted just six months in morning drive.

The move cost PD John Cook his job as well.

Thought: And you thought radio here was bad… Philadelphia is even worse – all you have to do is look at the Radio-Info Philly board where some of the posters are bigger idiots than the DJs themselves. Look for Kidd Chris’ “defenders” to show up there shortly. Just something to think about as advertisers – who don’t play around these days when it comes to offensive content – ponder their options.

And you wonder why the radio business is in such a mess….