WFLD to add 9 a.m. newscast?

Fox-owned WFLD-TV is once again considering expanding its news operation – this time to extend Good Day Chicago to 10 a.m. This comes as more and more stations are expanding local content to stay relevant as more and more viewers are getting their content from places other than traditional media sources.

And WFLD is not the only ones thinking about news expansion. Tribune’s WGN-TV is also considering expanding its newscasts, with a late afternoon program possible (WFLD had a proposal on the table for a 5 p.m. newscast a few years ago.) The CW is adding first-run fare in the afternoons beginning this fall, with the possibility of adding another hour of original fare later down the road.

Weigel Broadcasting also hired some new individuals (Harvey Moshman and Randy King) recently to explore adding local content to the station.

WFLD’s possible plan to add a 9 a.m. time slot isn’t new – back in the 1990’s, NBC-owned WMAQ-TV had a 9 a.m. local news show for a short time.

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