B96 morning show in peril?

There could be trouble brewing at WBBM-FM’s (B96) morning show after one of the co-hosts walked off the set after a bit she found lacking of taste.

Erica Cobb stormed off the Eddie & JoBo & Erica show after Eddie Volkman did an impersonation of the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright during yesterday’s show. The incident happened during a discussion of another controversial topic, the White Sox blow-up doll in their locker room, when Volkman went into a character pretending to be Rev. Wright.

Cobb wasn’t happy about it, and she walked off the show for a half-hour (ironically, she didn’t find the White Sox blow-up doll stunt offensive.) She returned after regaining her composure.

Cobb said she didn’t find the bit offensive, but was tired of the controversy surrounding Rev. Wright.

Thought: Oh boy… where should I start? This morning show is the by far the worst in the Chicago market. We all know Eddie & JoBo jumped the shark when Erica arrived (The Cousin Oliver Syndrome), and made the show even more unlistenable. This comes as no surprise. What Cobb pulled yesterday was totally bush league. Chicago radio is an embarrassment enough, and we don’t have Mancow anymore. If she hasn’t figured out by now what much of the radio business is all about (pandering to the lowest common denominator), then she has no business being in it. This has nothing to do with race, as much of the unimformed posters on the Tribune want you to believe. It has a lot to do with being stupid. Cobb was brought in to add an intelligent female element to the show (yeah, right) – not throw childish hissy fits. And listening to her, she’s far from intelligent.

And remember what I said last week about Eddie & JoBo & Erica and Channel 2’s planned tailgate on Saturday night about violence among Chicago’s youth? Forget it. A guess there is a reason Channel 2 decided to partner with NewsRadio 780 and not B96.

Yours truly used to be a listener of Eddie & JoBo, but is no longer. It’s time for them to hit the road when their contract expires next year.They are clearly past their prime. But of course, they’ll get a contract renewal (which they don’t deserve), they’ll continue on with their tired and stale act, and their show – and Chicago radio in general – will continue to suck.