WPWR acquires "Law & Order: SVU" strip

Fox-owned WPWR-TV has acquired Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a nightly strip from NBC Universal Television Distribution beginning in September 2009. SVU is already airing twice in syndication every weekend, where it has done exceptionally well.

This comes as WPWR and nine other Fox-owned My Network TV affiliates are experiencing success with Law & Order’s sister show, Criminal Intent.

In addition to WPWR and Fox’s nine other MNT affiliates, the strip version of SVU has also cleared eighteen of the top twenty markets, in a 50/50 barter deal (7 minutes national ads/7 minutes local ads).

Criminal Intent meanwhile, has grown in the national ratings (1.3 in September to 1.5 in April) and has experienced ratings growth in New York at WWOR-TV. No word however, on whether or not NBC Universal will bring the series back to syndication after its contract expires with stations in 2009.