The Wizard of Oz (corrected)

Look! It’s Oprah behind the curtain…

Harpo Productions is preparing for a launch of a new talk show in September 2009 featuring Dr. Memhet Oz, who regularly appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The launch is being prepared the same way Dr. Phil was launched in 2002.

Keep in mind that CBS Television Distribution is launching a talk show this fall featuring not one but five doctors: simply called The Doctors.

CORRECTION: On April 9, this post incorrectly stated that CBS Television Distribution was involved in the possible launch of the new project regarding Dr. Oz. Harpo is currently shopping the project through several syndicators with Twentieth Television and Disney mentioned as possible homes for the talk show. CBS is not involved with the Dr. Oz project at this time.

The T Dog Media Blog regrets and apologizes for the error.

All together now… D’oh!