T Dog’s Think Tank: Worst debate ever?

You want to know what I thought of the Clinton-Obama debate? Worst. Debate. Ever.

If Comic Book Guy watched the debate Wednesday night on ABC, he would’ve said this:

“Worst. Debate. Ever.”

Of course, he more was likely to be watching NBC and the 26 suitcase models on the “Spring Break” episode of Deal or No Deal. I’m surprised more people didn’t, given the sloppy debate.

But certainly, the Obama-Clinton debate was more critically panned than an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies (yours truly didn’t watch – this simpleton was too busy ogling the suitcase women from Deal on the other channel) – the first 45 minutes consisted of questions including Obama’s link to Jeremiah Wright and whether or not he wore an American Flag label pin.

You got to be kidding me. An American Flag label pin? Who moderated this debate, ESPN’s Chris Berman and Skip Bayless? (considering how ABC handled the debate, I was surprised the Mouse House didn’t ask its sister cable network to lend those two louts to be moderators.)

But this article from TV Week tells you all you need to know. Look at the comments section. One person blasted Obama for not wearing the lapel pin and for not covering his heart during the national anthem.

So this is more important than the War in Iraq, escalating gas prices, rising unemployment, and the mortgage crisis? Okay, let’s pass a law requiring every American to wear an American Flag pin! Totally ridiculous. And instead of issues, the debate is now more notable for creating the most annoying catch phrase in years – “Gotcha!” Did Chris Berman (the master of annoying catch phrases) create this one, too? Yours truly hopes this one doesn’t go “all the way”.

So its no surprise the same people who bring up these kind of issues are the same ones who don’t have a problem with media consolidation – the ones who think this is a joke and don’t take it seriously or don’t care. The same people who want to avoid the real issues in this country and want to talk about tabloid ones instead, like whether or not Obama and Clinton are real Americans and if they are part of the KGB or KAOS. No, the establishment thinks it’s more important to dodge problems they helped create.

And so, the debate attracted 10.7 million viewers. And many came away disgusted. In fact, the crowd booed Charlie Gibson as they went into yet another commercial toward the end of the debate (Why did ABC decide to sell ads during the debate in the first place?) Is it any wonder why people are so disinterested in politics? Thank you, Big Media. At PIFeedback.com, not one poster talked about Wednesday’s bland debate (while yours truly bashed Top Model. Again.)

The debate moderators felt it was more important to discuss the candidates’ gaffes for nearly an hour instead of an honest discussion regarding the problems facing America right now. I guess yours truly didn’t miss anything, considering he saw this coming. Why should anyone sit there for two hours and have their intelligence insulted by the media’s arrogance regarding politics?

And all we got out of it is a stupid catch phrase. Ay, carumba.

Did I mention those 26 models on Deal never looked sweeter as they did Wednesday night? Yeah, I may be a simpleton for watching the ladies – but yours truly was smart enough to stay away from a train wreck and decided to watch another one instead.