"Survivor’s" back, baby!

WARNING: Contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode, don’t scroll down…

Although ratings are down slightly from a year ago, there’s no denying Survivor is back from the dead.

If you can recall (here’s hoping you don’t), yours truly ripped the program for being too bland and predictable last fall (most of the profanity from that post is gone, too.) And yours truly also voiced some skepticism regarding Fans Vs. Favorites. But this cycle of Survivor has exceeded all expectations and is destined to become just as memorable as the first Survivor, set in Borneo.


If you saw Thursday night’s episode, Ozzy (who was in the Survivor where they split the tribe among race), was ousted in a surprising power play led by Cirie who convinced players to vote for the biggest threat instead of Jason, who quit an immunity challenge on the word of other players who promised not to vote him out (dumb move.)

And the reaction from Eliza on the jury when all of this was unfolding at Tribal Council (she was ousted last week) was totally priceless.

Currently, Survivor is the best reality show on TV right now (much better than Top Model, which has become predictable and stale). However, keep in mind reality shows are cynical. What is up one cycle – could be down the next.

If you have missed Survivor this season, you’ve missed a lot. But we here at The T Dog Media Blog have your back. Click here and you can watch the episodes from this current season to catch up.

These guys have listened to Herman Edwards. They are here and they are playing to win the game! (though maybe Herm needs to take his own advice regarding the Chiefs…)