"Rachael Ray" out at WABC? (updated 2)

The New York ABC-owned station is considering axing the program from its 10 a.m. time slot due to mediocre ratings, according to this article in the New York Post. Or is it because ABC parent Disney wants to reclaim the time period for its own fare (remember Wayne Brady’s and Tony Danza’s talk shows? Works of masterpiece right there.)

If WABC axes Ray, other ABC O&O’s (like WPVI in Philadelphia) could follow. One problem though: Ray is signed with the group until 2010.

But it turned out the story was false. A spokeperson from CBS Television Distribution who handles Ray said there’s no truth to the rumor.

A little nitpick here: In the Post article, it says that King World is producing Marie Osmond’s new talk show for fall 2009.

Um, geniuses: 1). It’s Program Partners producing Marie Osmond’s new show, not King World. 2) King World changed its name to CBS Television Distribution last year. 3.) CBS is in talks with Valerie Bertnelli for her own talk show in fall 2009, and she’s made regular appearances om Rachael Ray this season.

Then, you wonder if any of what the Post said is really true (it wasn’t). Rachael Ray is actually winning its time slot on WABC.

Of course, if the New York version of the Chicago Sun-Times didn’t spend all its time attacking Family Guy, then maybe they would get something right. But what else you expect from The Daily Rupert?

updated 11:37 p.m. on 2008-03-15