"Price" 2, "Deal" 0

The Price Is Right did it again Friday night, giving away another one million dollars on its Million Dollar Spectacular prime-time special, when a contestant came within $500 of the retail price in the Showcase Showdown.

Meanwhile, the hapless louts over at Deal or No Deal have yet to give anyway a million on their program, despite having thirteen million dollar cases on a few shows. Since the mission ended, ratings have dropped substantially (hey, you live by the gimmick, you die by the gimmick.)

So what’s the biggest news at Deal they can muster out? Going to three overseas countries to do episodes for the sets of their versions of Deal for May sweeps. Whoopee. Nothing compliments your show better than paying a visit to the set where they rip your version off (but producer Endemol doesn’t mind. They license the format around the world.) Then again, isn’t Deal’s format based on the British version (sans the models and goofy gimmicks?)

When they do leave, let’s hope Deal goes overseas and never comes back (the models can stay, though.)

UPDATE: Saw an NBC promo this evening touting Deal as “The Most Watched Show on TV”. Guess they haven’t heard of a show called American Idol. L. O. to the freakin’ L.

This is like Power 92 (WPWX-FM) saying they are really Number One In The Streets (again, L.O. to the freakin’ L.)

My guff, how desperate can you get? They should change Deal Or No Deal to Desperate Deal, with NBC President Ben Silverman as host and NBC Universal Chairman Jeff “Doogie” Zucker as The Banker.

updated 7:30 p.m. on 2008-03-10