New links added

Some things have been changed on the sidebar at The T Dog Media Blog:

-Since the Writer’s Guild strike is over (thankfully), I have taken down the WGA Strike Central section, but several of those links have relocated to the sidebar: Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily blog has been added, as well as The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

– As a thank you for Larz (who runs for adding my blog to his sidebar on his blog, I’ve returned the favor and added his new CRM Blog to my sidebar.

– Remember the T Dog Think Tank I wrote back in October regarding television’s worst shows? No? Good. The article is in the process of being rewritten (hey, I could’ve written it better than that!) and will be prominently featured on the sidebar. The post will also be constantly updated with latest inductees (such as Celebrity Apprentice.)

– I’ve added a new section regarding the upcoming television digital transition, which takes place February 17, 2009. So far, I have added, and more links will be added as soon as they become available.

– I’m also in the process of adding links to websites featuring Chicago’s television and radio history. You’ll see them here soon.

I hope the changes will make the place more fun and reflective of media in Chicago and the Midwest. Your visits to the site are always appreciated.