Jacobson: "Law & Order" episode no laughing matter

An episode of tonight’s Law & Order: a reporter, looking to get to the bottom of a story regarding a man suspected of killing his wife, shows up at one point in the episode with a bathing suit on.

Sounds familiar?

To Amy Jacobson, it does. All too familiar, and she’s not pleased about it.

Tonight L&O features Chicago native Lara Flynn Boyle as a reporter, who according to the preview from NBC, “uses her sexuality to break the case”.

As many of you recall, former WMAQ-TV reporter Amy Jacobson was spotted by a crew from WBBM-TV last July at Craig Stebic’s house wearing a bikini. Stebic is a suspect in his wife’s Amy disappearance. Jacobson lost her job shortly thereafter.

Jacobson blasted Law & Order and creator Dick Wolf in today’s Sun-Times, saying the episode is “a reminder of the high price I had to pay for doing my job. Hollywood takes things like this out of context all the time.” She has no plans on watching the show.

So, its been eight months since she’s been out of work and apparently, she’s still not all the wiser. And certainly, if Law & Order and Wolf has to rely on “ripped from the headlines” stories to get plots for his program (which is in its eighteenth season), then we all know this program has run out of ideas. But it’s all about surpassing Gunsmoke for the longest-running drama of all time, right? Keep in mind The Simpsons (an animated comedy) still has a step ahead of Wolf & Co. in the race with Gunsmoke for longest-running scripted program of all time.

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