Will cost cutting save radio?

Ummm… No. But this article in Mediaweek asks the question, anyway. And the answers aren’t pretty. And judging by the article, some people who run radio stations still don’t get it, particularly at the big-chain radio station groups. In an excerpt from the Mediaweek article, a program director (Jim Richards) from a classic rock station in San Diego said:

“I can speak about a concert that’s happening tonight at a local venue just as well as a voice-tracker from somewhere else can,” says Richards. “In a world that is increasingly global, to whom does it matter that it’s live and local, as long as we’re satisfying the entertainment and information needs of the listener and providing something that’s unique to that signal?”

Well, draw your own conclusions on what he said. But the business has got to do more than appeal to the “what difference does it make” crowd.

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