Burial or cremated?

It’s official: HD-DVD is dead. Toshiba has officially pulled the plug on HD-DVD, which competed with Blu-Ray to become the official format of the next generation of home video entertainment…

This comes after Best Buy and Wal-Mart are recommending customers to go with Blu-Ray, which means the chains will phase out HD-DVDs. Netflix has also pledged its allegiance to Blu-Ray.

Warner Brothers got the nail-in-the-coffin ball rolling a few weeks ago, when it was switching its support to Blu-Ray, joining Sony, Twentieth, and Disney in the Blu-Ray camp (Sony developed the Blu-Ray format). leaving Paramount, NBC Universal, and DreamWorks Animation as the only studios in the HD DVD camp.

Toshiba will no longer manufacture, market, or ship HD DVD players. They will reduce those shipments, and stop compeltely at the end of March.

The HD-DVD/Blu-Ray battle is remisicent of the Betamax/VHS wars of the 1980’s, in which JVC’s VHS trimuphed over Sony’s Betamax. However, Sony did not throw in the towel officially until 1986 – years after both formats were introduced.