Ladies and Gentlemen – the 1,000th post.

The T Dog Media Blog has reached its 1,000th post. And in those one thousand posts, what has we learned? Well…

– Jim Belushi still has no talent whatsoever.

– Chicago celebrities in Hollywood can be just as much as a jerk as anyone else – except the one who won the Oscar last year.

– If you a guy, or if your over the age of 50, advertisers don’t care about you – unless you’re interested in life insurance or Axe body spray.

– No one thought the FCC could’ve been run worse than by anyone other than Michael Powell.

– You can jump the shark and become even more popular. Bobby Ewing in every shower, stat!

– You can be the toast of the town by saving a cheerleader one season, and be scorned the next – a familiar scenario to a certain Bears QB.

– If you work and radio, do a good job, and become number one, you can still get fired.

– A radio station that is touted as an alternative can turn out to be even worse than the big boys.

– Reality shows can reinforce negative stereotypes against minorities – even if its a show hosted by one.

– Jay Mariotti still sucks.

– Local news – in any market – is a joke.

– You can go on strike – and still command more respect than a certain bunch of political hacks who need to have an opinion on anything and everything (and really need to shut the hell up.)

– You can blow yourself up in a limo and “survive” – while another person in your organization – in real life – can kill himself and his own family a few days later.

– You can pick a show to be number one on a best show list for the year – only to quickly tumble and crash (hey, yours truly can make a mistake once and awhile) by changing the backstory of the series because the writers are completely out of ideas and giving long-time loyal viewers the middle finger in the process.

– Any medical hack can host a talk show – and fail trying (and by the way, we got five of them hosting a show together this fall.)

– You can run a right-wing organization interested in protecting children from the “evils of TV”… but not the evils of gun violence, which kills more children than any TV show. But since those children who are killed or hurt live in predominately black or Hispanic neighborhoods – oh gee whiz, why should they care about that?

– And finally, don’t write posts saying they’re on the clock. It kills your cred…

– But you know what? This is still a fun business to cover and talk about. For every story about something stupid, there are five that are smart. Here’s to another thousand posts!