Worst Person in Media This Week – 11/30/2007

We’re back this week with the Worst Person in Media This Week award, after a break last week (because of the Thanksgiving holiday).

Although Carson Daly (for crossing the picket line) is a worthy nominee, handing out this week’s WPIMTW award is a no-brainer…

Usually we give these awards to media people and politicians who are involved in the business who screw up. But for the first time, we’re handing it to someone who is not involved in the business, but whose comments this week were about as inflammatory as anything radio talk show hosts Glenn Beck and Michael Savage have said.

And thus, we hand this week’s award to Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, who claimed the Cook County budget battle was about race (Beavers is black.) He said that if Cook County Board President Todd Stroger (who is also black) was white, then the budget- filled with tax increases- would be passed.

Um, excuse me genius, but wouldn’t the higher taxes actually hurt the poor, who the majority of which are minority?

He also singled out another commissioner, calling him a racist (I’m surprised that person didn’t file a slander lawsuit against Beavers.)

Beavers was not only slammed in the media for his comments, but also on black talk radio. And the Sun-Times put the matter on the front page of Wednesday’s paper for all to see.

Remember, this was a man who helped engineer Eugene Sawyer to be installed as Chicago’s mayor after Harold Washington’s death back 20 years ago, and during his tenure as an alderman, his 7th ward saw a sharp increase in crime. This is a guy who stabbed the African-American community in the back. And he has the nerve to talk about racism. What an ass.

Basically, Chicagoans are numb to this crap anyway. You see this on TV reality shows all the time, and we all knew a long time ago that politicians are no different than people you see on these shows. Like reality show contestants, politicians are air-headed, stupid morons. No wonder our city, county, state, and our country is so screwed up. Who here can tell the difference between Beavers and Omorasa?

Beavers is no different from Beck, Savage, or O’Reilly – constant race-baiters who are seeking attention because the spotlight isn’t on them. And so they spew rhetoric based on cheap heat to get into the press. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the left or the right, liberal or conservative, black or white – it’s all the same crap. And sadly, this is what media outlets want- the nutjobs to boost their ratings, sell their papers, etc. – instead of focusing on the issues.

Nutjobs like Commissioner Beavers, who is truly a human piece of garbage.

And knowing the radio business, your next talk-show host. Ah, The Beck & Beavers Show. Coming soon to a radio station near you.

Remind me not to tune in.