"Survivor" still packs a punch

All right, Survivor may not be a popular show in the Windy City – but it’s popular everywhere else it seems, as last night’s Survivor: China finale got a big boost last night with the ratings up 15 percent from last May’s Survivor: Fiji finale.

However, compared to December 2006’s Survivor finale, the numbers were off.

In a stunning upset, Todd Herzog from Utah walked away with the million dollar prize, beating favorite Amanda Kimmel (who received just one vote) and Courtney Yates.

The ratings resurgence for Survivor comes as another once red-hot reality show, ABC’s The Bachelor, has also experienced a ratings revival this year. This gives new hope to NBC’s Apprentice, in which the slumping reality franchise comes back in January with a celebrity edition.

Survivor returns in February with a new twist – pitting eight All-Stars against eight Superfans (rest assured none of them come from the Chicago area.) This time, the setting is in Micronesia.

It is unclear how fans of the show will receive this format, as there was some backlash from Survivor: All-Stars, which pitted sixteen past contestants against one another.

Yes, Survivor contestants had to play a game to backstab and lie and hurt people they cared about.

They’d make great politicians.