Minivan crashes into WLS-TV’s studios – during a newscast!

A van crashes into WLS-TV’s studios – three minutes into the station’s 10 p.m. newscast. Notice what the ticker says on the photo to the left. Ironic, isn’t it?

Tonight’s top story… Is right here at the station! A minivan crashed right into our studio… right when we are on the air!

A minivan crashed into the studios of ABC-owned WLS-TV last night just three minutes into the station’s 10 p.m. newscast. Anchor Ravi Baichwal was in the process of handing it off to a reporter for a live shot when the minivan crashed right into WLS’ storefront studios on 190 North State Street in Downtown Chicago.

According to the station, it appears that the driver drove into the station’s studios on purpose. Chicago Police arrested a 25-year old individual from north suburban Evanston in the incident, and charged him with reckless driving and driving without insurance. No one was injured. Witness standing outside the building said the driver was making a series of U-Turns on State Street before he crashed into the building.

Here is video of WLS’ coverage and anchor Ravi Baichwal’s reaction to the crash, courtesy of YouTube:

This bring back memories of another weird incident that took place at WLS on a Saturday night in 1990. Chased by Chicago Police, a robber fled into WLS’ building and held himself captive there, causing an evacuation and knocking the station off the air for several hours. The robber arrived minutes before the station’s newscast was set to begin.

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