Hawks score ratings increase for home games

The Chicago Blackhawks finally got on the board with the November 30 home game telecast against the Phoenix Coyotes. The game notched a 1.2 Nielsen rating (fourth item), for Comcast SportsNet, up from the 0.8 rating the last home game it aired on November 11, against the Detroit Red Wings.

In other sports ratings news, the game much of the country did not get – The Packers/Cowboys tilt that aired on the barely-distributed NFL network – managed to get 10 million viewers (third item). Fox-owned My Network TV affiliate KDFI scored big with the game in Dallas, which attracted 815, 739 homes.

And if you were wondering what the first item of the linked article was, it was about something we touched on Sunday – The Bears airing on WPWR-TV this Thursday. It is reported that WPWR paid a whopping $700,000 to air the game from the NFL Network.

If WPWR can attract 815,000 homes or better like its sister station did in Dallas for the Cowboys game, the price would be more than worth it. Rupert Murdoch certainly knows how to use his checkbook.