The Excellent 10 of 2007 and more

From #10 to #1, the best TV shows of 2007… 10) Chuck (NBC) Computer geek who works at a big-box is also a spy. Great concept. 9) Mad Men (AMC). Realistic look at ad agency business in the 1960’s, far more accurate than what you saw on Bewitched. On Mad Men, nobody becomes impotent from spells cast by Endora. 8) […]

Say goodbye to Nick GAS, Court TV

The new year brings changes to cable lineups as Court TV becomes TruTV on Tuesday and Nick GAS (which ran out of gas long ago – couldn’t no longer afford to fill up the tank, perhaps?) becomes teen-oriented channel The N, split off from pre-school/tot channel Noggin. Effective today, both become 24/7 services. Both Nick GAS and Court TV join […]

The Toilet Bowl of 2007

There were a lot of forgettable moments in media in 2007, and we have them right here… First, let’s start off with the year’s worst TV, from #10 to #1: 10) The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News): This show still sucks. 9) Around the Horn (ESPN) Ditto. 8. Chicago Sports (various channels) What a great year for Chicago Sports! The Cubs […]

Letterman returns on Wedensday – with writers

The first deal the Writer’s Guild made since the strike began is for Late Show with David Letterman. The new interim deal covers not only Letterman’s show, but Craig Ferguson’s as well, since Letterman owns his show and Ferguson’s (a main stipulation in the CBS deal when he came to the Tiffany Network in 1993.) New shows began January 2, […]

A thought…

Recently, several individuals who have made contributions to their respective fields – from Donda West to Jimmy Stagg from Roger King to Mark Sullivan to Terry Armour – have passed on. They made them in their own, unique ways. One person was a very gifted and talented DJ in the 1960’s. Another wrote a column for a major newspaper and […]

Former WCKG host Terry Armour dies

More sad news: Chicago Tribune columnist and former WCKG co-host Terry Armour has died unexpectedly at the too-young age of 46. Armour was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after falling ill. He died a short time later. Armour worked at the Tribune, covering the Bulls’ championship run in the 1990’s and previously co-hosted a midday talk show with Stan […]

Feder’s Media Awards for 2007

Always a fun read, Rob Feder of the Sun-Times reviews the highlights (Delilah getting canned) – and lowlights (Amy Jacobson at Craig Stebic’s house) – and everything else in between – in the year that was in Chicago Media.

WILV’s Mark Sullivan dies

Sad news to report: WILV-FM (Love FM) nighttime DJ Mark Sullivan has passed away at the too-young age of 40 from a heart condition. An obituary has been posted on Love FM’s website.

WVON program director quits – on the air

It’s not every day that somebody quits on-air – it happened once in 1960 when Jack Paar shocked everyone when he quit The Tonight Show – in the middle of the broadcast – after NBC cut out a joke he made regarding the initials W.C. being confused for a water closet instead of a wayside chapel the previous night (hey, […]

Patriots-Giants game to air on three networks

NFL Fans now will get a chance to see history in the making. The Saturday Night game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants – which was only going to air on the barely-distributed NFL Network – will also air now on NBC and CBS – both of which will simulcast the NFL network feed. The last […]

"I wanted to be on the news"

That’s what the driver of the van said after he crashed it into WLS-TV’s studios on Sunday night during the station’s newscast. He has been charged with criminal damage to property over $100,000. Man, that phrase is so 1976. Son, have you ever heard of YouTube?

"Judge Hatchett" to end production

Sony Pictures Television’s Judge Hatchett daytime strip will end original production after eight seasons, but instead will pitch “best of” theme weeks to TV stations for next fall. Hatchett airs locally on Fox-owned WFLD-TV. Since there are so many episodes produced of Hatchett over the years, Sony says the move makes economical sense – there are well over 1000 episodes […]

Minivan crashes into WLS-TV’s studios – during a newscast!

A van crashes into WLS-TV’s studios – three minutes into the station’s 10 p.m. newscast. Notice what the ticker says on the photo to the left. Ironic, isn’t it? Tonight’s top story… Is right here at the station! A minivan crashed right into our studio… right when we are on the air! A minivan crashed into the studios of ABC-owned […]

Bulls fire head coach

Like the Blackhawks did in 1976 to their coach, and what happened to former Bulls coach Tim Floyd in 2001 (he resigned), Bulls coach Scott Skiles gets canned on Christmas Eve in 2007, fast becoming a Christmas tradition in Chicago. The Bulls, which are quickly becoming the NBC of the NBA, are 9-16, and were blown out in back-to-back games […]

Fox sells eight TV stations to Oak Hill

News Corp. had made good on its promise to sell eight of its Fox TV stations, and it did to the newly-formed Local TV group headed by private equity firm Oak Hill Partners for $1.1 billion. The proceeds from the sale gives News Corp. the cash it needs to purchase the Wall Street Journal. In a separate development, Tribune and […]