Worst People In Media This Week – 11/16/07

I know I’m supposed to award this on Friday, but it’s a blowout in the race for the award this week (a blowout so large, even FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and the Sun-Times’ Jay Mariotti couldn’t compete – plus it’s a slow news day), so I might as well award it now…

To the pricks who came onto James Hibberd’s fine blog on TV Week (and to a dick named Jimmy in particular) and blasted me and all the other bloggers who write about TV and radio (how ironic) -Congratulations! All of you right-wing political hacks win the Worst People in Media This Week award for your short-minded attempt to rip us media fanboys and fangirls. The post was about fans of many TV shows who are showing support for the writer’s strike. The link to this story was reportedly posted on The Drudge Report, a somewhat right-leaning website.

Yep, the direct descendants of the Parents Television Council came IN OUR HOUSE and trashed us. It’s like the Packers coming to Solider Field and blowing out the Bears (something I hope doesn’t happen when the two meet Dec. 23.) The Drudgies (or dummies) are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!

In the words of the great philosopher, Frank Barone (played by the late, great Peter Boyle on Everybody Loves Raymond): “I’m giving you the finger… in my mind!”

Here’s a message to all of you TV and entertainment business-hating assclowns – do all of us a favor and go back to the Sludge Report website and stay there.