Local TV show gets canned in the K.C.

The new version of local TV – you know, the one in which advertisers pay money to have their product or service plugged on the show – has taken a hit with the dissolvement of Kansas City Live, KSHB-TV’s low-rated one-hour infotainment program. The Hour Magazine clone, which airs at 10 a.m. on the Scripps-owned NBC affiliate, is being replaced with the fourth hour of Today (which now airs it at 11 a.m.) and the 11 a.m. spot is being filled a newscast.

KSHB ranks fourth overall in the Kansas City market, but at least upgraded its syndicated lineup over the years (by acquiring Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!) The station was a Fox affiliate until September 1994, when the Fox-New World deal sent NBC packing from WDAF-TV (then a New World station) after 45 years and landed at KSHB.

What were KSHB’s syndicated programs when it first became an NBC affiliate in 1994? Reruns of Full House and Who’s the Boss? in the afternoon and The Simpsons in prime access at 6:30 (Homer & Co. now airs on sister station KMCI-TV.)