Fox rocks on Sunday

Its’ hot Sunday night lineup trumped the American Music Awards on ABC and the New England Patriots-whatever team lost to them on NBC (however, the AMAs scored its highest ratings in three years, no doubt owing its success to female viewers, who are the biggest mainstream music fans.)

Fox’s Sunday night lineup in up 23 percent in adults 18-49 from a year ago.

Some thoughts:

– What’s this? No more Comic Book Guy? The Simpsons dropped the ball on this episode last night when they abandoned the funny comic book store plot mid-episode for another inane Homer and Marge marriage-in-crisis plot. You sure it wasn’t this episode that was affected by the writer’s strike and not Family Guy? This episode was a huge disappointment.

– Speaking of Family Guy, this was the first episode without Seth MacFarlane’s involvement (at least behind the scenes), and it sure showed (though funny in several spots.) Fox’s comedies were huge winners last night, but in name only.

– And please NBC, no more Patriots games. They are dominant, but watching this team dominate opponents week after week is boring (and the audience agrees with yours truly.) Unfortunately, next week NBC is televising the Eagles-Patriots game and which the Patriots will win by 120 points.

– And I don’t want to see any more of Rex Grossman, either.

– And nobody wants to see CW’s Sunday night lineup. Some advice: Move Life Is Wild to Monday, cancel the abomination that is CW Now and hand the night back to affiliates. The CW was the Buffalo Bills last night, getting blown out. Pathetic.

(What about Everybody Hates Chris and Aliens in America, you ask? What about them. South Park draws more viewers than these two shows. What do you think should happen to them? Bye. But knowing the CW, they’ll be renewed for six more years.)