Delilah out at the Lite

Syndicated radio personality Delilah is out at WLIT-FM after seven years at the station. Her last show was on Monday.

Her replacement is John Symons, late of WILV-FM and its predecessor, WNND-FM. He is bringing his Love Notes show to the station beginning on Thursday. Love Notes originated on WNND in 1997.

Symons will host Love Notes live Monday through Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight and on recorded voice tracks on the weekends (this move also mercifully brings the curtains down on the inane Saturday Night flashback party show, hosted by “The Girls”.)

This comes after WCKG-FM flipped to Adult Contemporary on Monday, making WCKG and WLIT head-to-head competitors.

With these moves, particularly the removal of the inane Delilah from our airwaves, Chicago radio immediately just got better.

“Hey there, Delilah, get your dumb ass out the door…”

updated 8:41 am on 2007-11-07 to add information